The dream of a disease free world

Our approach with MicroLesterol aims to treat patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) by harnessing the power of CRISPR

FH is an inherited genetic disorder that makes the body unable to remove LDL (bad) cholesterol from the blood. This results in LDL (bad) cholesterol levels to be abnormally high leading to significantly greater risk of heart disease.

Current Line of Treatment



Daily Medication
  • Life long duration therapy
  • Not very effective
  • Loses efficacy over time

Significant Worldwide Burden

Annual Cases


24.9 m

MicroLesterol is a next-generation, in vivo gene therapy that will present a novel and universal solution to treat FH by using CRISPR technology to permanently lower LDL levels in the blood, making this a single-course solution to the disease.

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