Our story

Mission Statement

Accelerating the synthetic biology revolution, one gene at a time.

Micro CRISPR is a new age biotechnology company with an outlier mindset on a quest to improve millions of lives. We strive to lead with our core values and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility whose impact can reach far beyond our own business.

Our core values.

Be Bold.

To have the will to take up challenges that most consider impossible.

Be Impactful.

To prioritise on solving the most important problems and then making sure that the solutions are widely accessible.

Be Agile.

To accelerate the journey of bringing technologies to life - literally.

Be Purposeful.

To create a better life for everyone, everyday, everywhere.

Be Sustainable.

To create an organization of innovation and excellence that exceeds our lifetime.

Be Ethical.

To have the wisdom to shape the future of synthetic biology in the right way.

The Bilakhia Family Journey

Over the past three decades, The Bilakhia Family has worked towards accelerating technologies over various fronts. From spearheading the printing inks and agrochemical sectors to becoming one of the largest medical device companies in Asia. We enjoy being at the forefront of technology and continuously investing ahead of the curve to create innovative solutions that have a tangible impact on society. Micro CRISPR is the latest endeavour in our journey to leave a lasting impact.

Now that you know us a little better, maybe think about joining us.