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The gap between the number of organ donors and organ recipients has never been wider- and its worsening! Countless people around the world die everyday waiting for an organ and even more die from not being able to afford one. Furthermore, most transplants deteriorate over time even after taking immune suppressive medication due to rejection from the patients’ body. Because of this transplants do not tend to last for the duration of the patients’ life. There is a need for radical innovation in transplantation technology in order to create a solution. At Micro, we believe that through harnessing the power of CRISPR, xenotransplantation is that solution.

The problems with conventional transplantation








Heart transplant patients
die in the 1st year due to rejection



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The Micro way

Our Approach

Animal derived organs and cells have enormous potential to provide readily available organs for transplantation in human and cellular therapies for a wide range of human diseases. Pigs tend to be the donors of choice for human organ and cell therapies because of their unique physiological similarities with humans and quick growth period. At Micro, we are utilising the power of CRISPR technology to create genetically engineered, humanised pigs that have organs and cells, which are compatible with human hosts.

Our Platform

Our unique platform involves modulating a subset of genes in pigs that will significantly enhance acceptance of xenotransplanted organs by the human body. Our aim is to create transplantable organs and cells that are superior to even their human counterparts by making them less prone to rejection. Furthermore, our robust screening technologies and processes ensure that these organs and cells are virus and pathogen free.

Our Solution

The major organs, which will be available for transplantation include the heart, kidney and liver. Moreover, we are making human compatible T cells in pigs for use in CAR T-cell therapy.

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