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Redesigning life isn't easy. It requires commitment and doesn't happen overnight. We are looking for innovators, creative spirits, resolute and independent thinkers. They are extremely rare but are essential to our capacity to do extraordinary things.


On a daily basis, Micro employees work on programs with the potential to significantly improve life of people across the world. From curing cancer to making food more sustainable, we take pride in solving hard problems that can have a tangible impact on the future of mankind.


We have a collaborative culture of inclusion, opportunity and originality that is geared towards thinking out of the box and being innovative. We appreciate the uniqueness of each of our individual members and help them learn, grow and excel so that we can win as a team.

Perks & Benefits.

Our employees are at the heart of our business and so we offer a wide variety of benefits to support them and their families. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to comprehensive health plans, conveyance, maternity leave and job security.

My favourite part of working at Micro CRISPR is the commitment we have towards innovation and making the world a better place. Couldn't imagine a better place to work at.

Dr. Dhaval KedariaR&D, India